Advantages of JORDAHL ® Punching Shear Reinforcement

For flat slab structures and foundations, JORDAHL®punching shear reinforcement JDA is used to transfer high transverse forces with low formwork and reinforcement requirements and also to optimise the use of space.
Concrete reinforcement
The punching shear resistance can thus be increased by 50% when compared to foundations without punching shear reinforcement, even by 96% compared to ceiling slabs without punching shear reinforcement.
  • European Technical Approval for static and dynamic effects (ETA-13/0136)
  • concrete strengths C20/25 to C50/60
  • design according to the safety concept of the Eurocode
  • asymmetrical load applications are accurately taken into account for all support positions
  • defined transition between punching shear and transverse force load-bearing capacity
  • increase in load-bearing capacity compared to flat slabs and foundations without punching shear reinforcement
  • suitable from a slab thickness of 18 cm
  • level slab underside
  • unimpeded construction below the slab
  • optimum use of space
  • higher load-bearing capacity than conventional reinforcement techniques
  • low construction height of the concrete slabs simplified arrangement of the strips through arrangement of standard elements in a row
  • reduced formwork requirements
  • can be installed quickly and easily from above and below
  • flexible fabrication depending on static requirements
The JORDAHL® punching shear reinforcement JDA are made of double-headed anchors which are connected by a perforated connecting strip. The double-headed anchors secure the transition between punching shear and transverse load-bearing capacity.
The double-headed anchors are made of B500B steel,and the perforated connecting strip is also made of structural steel.
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