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Mathcad Prime 3.0 Case Study – Reinforcing Good Practice

J&P Building Systems, UK subsidiary and distributor of commercial building products from three major German manufacturers, has adopted PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0, supplied and support by Adept Scientific as the primary platform for its engineering design calculations, helping it to make faster, more robust and more detailed design recommendations for its clients.

Mathcad Prime 3.0 Case StudyThe connection systems, lifting anchors, sealing and insulation technologies supplied by J&P are the hidden elements that enable today’s commercial buildings to meet demanding cost, construction speed and performance requirements.

But with a catalogue of tens of thousands of products from leading building industry manufacturers; J&P parent companies H-Bau, Jordahl and Pfeifer, specifying exactly the right items is critical for the company’s clients.

That’s why a key part of J&P’s offering to its customers is its in-house engineering team, led by Head of Engineering, Jeremy Wedge.

Wedge and his team will analyse customer requirements and make specific recommendations about the best products to pick for their application and the way those products should be installed to ensure the resulting design is cost-effective, straightforward to assemble and compliant with all the relevant building regulations and engineering codes.

In the past, the company relied on a library of spreadsheets to carry out its engineering calculations, but that approach had some important limitations. ‘The spreadsheets required a lot of manual work,’ says Wedge. ‘If for example, we are designing the lifting anchors for a precast concrete panel, we need to know the weight of the panel and the position of its centre of gravity. So we would enter the details of its geometry into the sheet, take the results we obtained and manually cross reference those against a table of possible products.’ Continue reading

RVK & TSS Support Inserts used for Concrete Beam Connection at Usher Hall

Usher Hall, Edinburgh is renowned as a world-class venue that has played host to some of the greatest artists and musicians of the 20th century. The venue was recently renovated and extended to provide new and improved facilities housed in a brand new glass-fronted wing.Usher hall image

J&P was initially presented with an in-situ cast slab with an architectural ribbed soffit – which would be visible from the floor below. The emphasis was very much on the requirement for an extremely high quality finish and a desire from the architect to achieve an impression that the ribbed slab was “floating on air”.

To find out more about this project and the solutions provided by J&P Building Systems, download the case study here: Continue reading