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Precast Concrete Construction – Concrete Walls

Precast Concrete Construction – Concrete Walls.

Precast concrete construction methods. Why specify precast concrete walls within your construction? We take a look at the advantages and disadvantages that they bring as part of a build.

There are many different uses for precast concrete walls. Uses can include lift shafts, central cores & internal & external walls. You would usually expect to see precast concreate wall systems used within domestic instruction within both individual housing project & apartments. They can be considered as an industrialised form of cast-in situ walls, block masonry or classic brick walls.

Precast Concrete Construction

Precast concrete walls come in two forms – weight bearing or partitioning walls. The surface of the walls is smooth in readiness for painting and wallpapering on both sides. Factors such as this prove to be advantageous during the construction process. They also offer the benefits of smooth surface finishing, fire resistance & acoustic insulation.

By choosing precast concrete construction you gain structural efficiency whilst obtaining flexibility in use and optimum use of materials. It provides speed within construction and enables you to be conscious of the quality and adaptability of the products you are using. You can measure and be aware of protecting the environment to which you are working and can often provide huge savings in comparison to using real brick.

A downside to using precast concrete walls is that once designed, it can be difficult to deviate from the plan and can sometimes cause contractual problems, however with the correct planning and architectural design they can prove to be very a advantageous choice all round.

For today’s modern construction requirements, J&P supplies a comprehensive range of products for fixing, handling and connection of structural elements. Examples include curtain-wall connections to the building frame, high-load transportation anchors for structural precast members, or insulated connections for concrete/steel balconies, plus a host of other applications. J&P has been providing these products and services to the UK construction industry for 20 years.

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PFEIFER FS Box – Concrete Connection and Reinforcement Systems

Helping you make the right connections…

The entirely newly developed PFEIFER-FS System was intended and developed primarily for the connection of precast/cast-in-situ concrete elements to semi-precast elements, so-called double walls. However, other connections with cast-in-situ concrete sections can be simply and flexibly realised.

The PFEIFER-FS-Box combines the well-known advantages of the PFEIFER-VS® System with the requirements of cast-in-situ concrete construction.

In particular, the robust box and the sturdy wire rope are designed especially for cast-in-situ concrete, making it the perfect concrete reinforcement systems.

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Experience the undreamt-of increase in efficiency and implementation safety yourself – and all of that with building authority approval too!

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