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JORDAHL Mounting Channels and Bolts

JORDAHL Mounting Channels and Bolts

The combination of JORDAHL mounting channels and the accompanying JORDAHL bolts create a flexible channel bolt connection that’s capable of adapting to new load and mounting requirements at any time. They can be welded directly into place, or bolted together to form frameworks.

Key advantages

  • Rapid replacement, retrofitting and movement of components or elements
  • No templates, hole patterns or on site welding necessary
  • Free positioning and infinitely variable adjustment using simple screw tool
  • Compensation of tolerances and change of standard grid dimensions possible
  • Rapid disassembly of construction elements

JORDAHL Mounting Channels and Bolts BROCHURE jordahl mounting channels bolts

Key Features

  • Suitable for moderate to heavy constructions. Eg. Support frame and highly loaded bolt connections
  • For variable bolt spacing parallel to the channel and tolerance compensation for construction elements
  • Available in lengths up to 6 meters
  • Curved mounting channel on request









This versatile product can lend its hand to many applications: from trains and tunnels, power station construction through to automotive, machine and plant, steel and industrial, energy and building services engineering as well as marine engineering.

That’s a LOT of applications! You can download the NEW JORDAHL Mounting Channel Brochure today here.