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Brexit Britain: 3 scenarios for construction output following the EU referendum

Source: Construction News 26/09/2016

With uncertainty still rife in the aftermath of the EU referendum, the Construction Products Association analyses three potential forecasts for construction’s future.

There’s an old joke that US president Harry Truman once asked for a one-handed economist because all his economic advisers favoured the phrase ‘on the one hand…but on the other’.

This is particularly apt for those of us trying to determine the post-referendum outlook, as it is difficult to gauge how the economy is reacting to the result to leave the EU and how it will fare over the next couple of years as Brexit negotiations progress.

Construction scenarios post Brexit

Given this uncertainty, compounded by a lack of data covering the months after the vote, the CPA has veered away from its usual point estimate forecasts and instead carried out an analysis of potential scenarios for the near-term period to 2018. Truman would despair, as I actually need three hands to lay out our central, upper and lower scenarios for the economy and construction industry.

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J&P Building Systems showcase integrated PFEIFER precast concrete lifting solutions

J&P Building Systems is a subsidiary of premium brand parent companies: JORDAHL, PFEIFER & H-BAU. They have launched an advisory video for developers, contractors and specifiers of concrete and steel construction materials in the UK. By using PFEIFER premium brand Transport anchor products, the video hightlights how this can facilitate the most efficient ways of delivering construction projects on time, on budget, without compromising product performance and safety.

Watch the video

Adapting to the challenges of industry demands and gaining a realistic understanding of the value of specialist product advice is something that J&P Building Systems knows all too well. As the designated UK supply partner for PFEIFER concrete lifting products, they recognise that to deliver safe and efficient projects, integrated solutions should be adopted.

In 2015, J&P Building Systems launched a video that featured their concrete man ‘JP‘ to help demonstrate their full capability as a building systems supply partner through their parent brands JORDHAL, PFEIFER and H-BAU. Market perception has since shifted and now J&P are not just seen as a supplier of product, but in fact can provide substantial cost-savings by working in collaboration with their customers, to realise the most efficient deployment of the building system solution as a whole. Continue reading