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H-BAU Pentaflex®: Sealing Technologies for biogas industry

H-BAU Pentaflex is an effective and secure joint technology for concrete construction. It is perfect for the AD and biogas industry, where containment of waste organic material during production can often lead to a challenge to design a safe sealed joint between the concrete tank base and walls. H-BAU Pentaflex

What’s the problem?

Conventional hydrophilic ‘waterstops’ are designed to swell on contact with water in order to seal the joint. However, when it rains or if site water comes into contact with the waterstop prior to the concrete being poured, this can cause the material to prematurely swell – compromising the seal.

H-Bau Pentaflex® Waterstop is the solution

Pentaflex® is a joint sealing system for producing watertight concrete structures. The Pentaflex® elements are provided with a special coating suitable for biogas structures. They reliably seal joints in the wall/foot or wall/ceiling area, joints in the wall/wall or floor/floor area and joints in cast-in-situ concrete and compo­nent wall constructions. Continue reading

Effective Sealing Technologies

Supplying standard  off-the-shelf  products and  bespoke designed solutions, J&P work closely with our parent companies to provide cost-effective, high quality and reliable products to benefit the construction industry. J&P Building Systems is the supply partner in the UK for our parent companies H-BAU, Jordhal and PFEIFER. This presentation covers effective sealing technologies from H-BAU, including PENTAFLEX for waterproof concrete structures.

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