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Insulated balcony connections


Structurally and thermally efficient, the H-Bau Isopro system is used for concrete-to-concrete balcony and walkway constructions.


Isopro is positioned at the slab-tobalcony/walkway interface and minimises the effects of cold-bridging, preventing cold from penetrating the building envelope and preventing internal heat from radiating out. Continue reading

H-BAU ISOMUR Wall Foot Elements – Efficient Building Foundation Insulation

Thermal bridges can often present a typical weak point in the area of the wall foot above a basement ceiling, depending on the geometry and material of the building.

H-BAU ISOMUR Wall Foot Elements

The Wall Foot Elements H-BAU ISOMUR® can successfully solve the problem. They close the gaps in the interrupted thermal insulation between the insulation above the basement ceiling and the external wall, minimising heat loss through the base of the building.

Advantages of H-BAU ISOMUR®:

  • Promotes a healthy and comfortable climate
  • Minimized heat loss and, thereby, a saving in heating costs
  • Reduction in the risk of mildew and condensation forming
  • Can be used in all brickwork
  • Due to the brick compressive strength class (SFK) 20, is suitable for the construction of one-family house or apartment blocks, as well as for public buildings
  • Made from non-absorbent material
  • High pressure resistance, therefore, no loss in the quality of insulation if moisture appears during the construction phase Continue reading