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FIBERNOX® V-ROD reinforcement rods

The FIBERNOX® V-ROD reinforcement rods consist of environmentally sustainable fibre-reinforced material. The glass-fibre reinforcement is distinguished by corrosion and alkali resistance, by a high tensile strength at a light weight and by a great adherence in the concrete. FIBERNOX® V-ROD is an effective alternative to rust-proof or electro-plated reinforcement steel.

Key benefits:

  • Corrosion and alkali resistant
  • In comparison to steel reinforced concrete: considerably higher durability of building structures which are exposed to aggressive environmental conditions
  • High tensile strength at a light weight
  • Permeable for magnetic fields and radio-frequencies
  • Dimensionally stable and very good connection with concrete
  • Certified in Canada by CAN CSA S807-10



Made of fibre reinforced material, consisting of glass-fibre lacings with synthetic resin and a special surface finish for best possible connection. Straight or bent bars are available.

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Anchoring Methods in Tunnel Construction with JORDAHL®

JORDAHL® anchor channels and bolts are the best system for safe and reliable anchoring of equipment such as overhead lines, signal systems, lighting as well as ventilation and exhaust systems in tunnels and supply structures.

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Jordahl Tunnel BrochureThese civil engineering structures must comply with the safety-related requirements for personal protection, fire prevention, corrosion protection and on technical equipment also for years after their provision. Cast-in JORDAHL® anchor channels have proven themselves world-wide and have set the standards in fastening technology.

JORDAHL® anchor channels have European Technical Approval, reference ETA-09/0338, and have National Technical Approval, reference Z-21.4-151.

Areas of Application:
Railway tunnels
Road tunnels
Utility ducts

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