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The new BIM files for Jordahl products

New BIM files available for JORDAHL products anchor channels JXA, double shear connector and mounting channels

Since recently, BIM files for our products JORDAHL® anchor channels JXA W, JORDAHL® double shear connector JDSD and JORDAHL® mounting channels JM W are available for your 3D planning project.

You can download the files for free in our download section on the JORDAHL website or on the Online-platform BIMobject.

There will be also BIM files for JORDAHL® profiled metal sheets JTB, JORDAHL®punching shear reinforcement JDA and JORDAHL® toothed straps JVB coming soon.


Speak to the J&P Building Systems for more information on H-Bau Technik GmbH.



JORDAHL Profiled Metal Sheet Channel JTB


The JORDAHL® profiled metal sheet channels are the optimum solution for attaching trapezoidal sheet metal to reinforced concrete components without damaging the load-bearing components. The system consists of the channel types JTB-AR and JTB-uni.



  • Slimline anchors that easily adapt to the reinforcement
  • Quick installation in one step
  • Flush with the surface and directly concreted into the load-bearing component
  • Suitable for installation in all usual building situations
  • Guaranteed load-bearing capacity by building approval
  • Type JTB-AR: for easy installation and an easier fit in existing reinforcement cages
  • Type JTB-uni: for quick installation, also for heavily reinforced components. Lowest storage space requirement, they can be stacked on top of each other.


Available in hot-dip galvanised steel or in stainless steel (A4). Standard filling: polystyrene (PS).


Load Groups

Available as profile 60/24/3 and profile 60/22/6. Approved for a permitted load of 5.0 kN per anchor (7.0 kN design resistance)


Speak to the J&P Building Systems for more information on H-Bau Technik GmbH.