The new PFIEFER MoFi is here!

PFEIFER Brace Anchor MoFi 16

NEWS! PFEIFER Brace Anchor MoFi 16 Particular attention must be paid to the reliable assembly of precast elements is key to a safe site.

PFEIFER Brace Anchor MoFi 16 PFEIFER Brace Anchor MoFi 16a

So-called braces, which are fastened not only to the ground, but also to the precast element, are used during the assembly of precast elements. They must be able to reliably absorb stress caused by winds during the entire assembly period, for instance. Today, concrete screws approved by the building authority are usually used for ground anchoring. So far, there has been no approved product for anchoring braces to the precast element, in particular for double wall elements with their extremely thin shells of 50 mm, which was also able to absorb the load effects occurring at the required height and with the appropriate safety levels.

The PFEIFER Brace Anchor MoFi 16 has been specially developed for use for fastening the brace, and has a corresponding building authority approval.

As a new, useful supplement to this product line, the MoFi 12 is now available as an economical alternative for anchoring in the medium and low load ranges. It is also the first in its class to be given building authority approval.

The PFEIFER Brace Anchor MoFi is fastened to the formwork with the appropriate PFEIFER accessories either by gluing, nailing or magnet fixing at the precast company.

The installation of additional reinforcement beyond the structural minimum standard is not necessary

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