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Whitepaper BALCON

Whitepaper: BALCON Thermal efficient balcony connection system

Whitepaper BALCON Hybrid Channel Solution

21/11/2017 – NEWS – J&P Building Systems publish whitepaper on their concrete balcony connection system and the development of their thermal breaks.

Continual product development of our thermal breaks whether steel to steel or for our concrete balcony system has led to some interesting results that will benefit our customers. Thermal breaks can be a bit of a “black box” subject, but at J&P we are here to shed some light on this subject for our customers. so that they obtain the correct advice when it comes to thermal breaks.

Whitepaper BALCON

The BALCON unit is a versatile assembly for joining metal balconies to a concrete structure.  Simplicity is the theme behind the design of the BALCON, from the installation stage through to the connection of the balcony by follow-on trades; making the BALCON useful and easy for all who need to work with the unit.

The BALCON is strong; meaning fewer connections are required to make sufficient structural fixings. It is a rigid fixing point; with no rotation, allowing the designer to focus on the supporting steel structure.

Tolerances add to the toolkit of benefits offered by the BALCON allowing follow-on trades to fix easily to the BALCON. Concrete tolerances are higher than those expected by the balcony manufacturer: the BALCON enables these trades to work in harmony, reducing the risk of site works that cost time and money.

The poor detailing of a thermal bridge can contribute to significant heat loss through the façade. The BALCON can assist in the reduction of heat leaks by reducing the impact of these losses. This is because there is potential for reducing connections through the façade where a FABREEKA_TIM shim adds to the thermal break.

So now you know BALCON, why not make it your next connection of choice?

Download the WHITEPAPER here.

Watch the video:


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JORDAHL® BALCON™ used for the connection of steel balconies at Media City – Case Study

Main Contractor Bovis Lend Lease
Concrete Contractor Heyrod
Consulting Engineer  Jacobs

Sitting on a 200 acre site on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal, Media City UK is home to over 200 businesses, including the BBC, ITV and BUPA and aims to become a ‘leading international hub for the creative and digital sectors – and a vibrant destination to work, live and play’.

As with virtually any major development, the requirement to provide outside space within multi-storey residential and commercial buildings means that cold-bridging features high on the list of considerations.

Media City UK incorporated numerous cantilevered steel balconies of different styles and shapes, all of which required connecting back to the concrete floor slabs, whilst minimising cold-bridging.