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J&P Building Systems adopt PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0 to ensure more robust and detailed design recommendations

Here at J&P Building Systems the UK subsidiary of commercial building products from three major German manufacturers, we are pleased to announce that we have adopted PTC Mathcad Prime 3.0, supplied and supported by Adept Scientific, as the primary platform for our engineering design calculations, helping  to make faster, more robust and more detailed design recommendations for our clients.

View the document below for further information:

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Tuesday Q&A: Looking for a supplier of a precast wall to wall panel connector?

CharacterOur Tuesday Q&A sessions are concentrated on solving all your building brain teasers as well as helping with your construction conundrums and precast problems.

Our aim is to provide information and guidance on good practice and methods with the concrete sector. We have had plenty questions submitted and provided answers to the most asked, this week we say thanks to Owen for his question.

Q: I am looking for a supplier of a precast wall to wall panel connector (bolted or loop type,not welded). I am looking to connect lightweight concrete panels about 1600kgs/m3?

A:  Although ‘Ask Cliff’ is not ideally suited to commercial enquires like this, there are some ground rules.  Several Companies make loop connections such as you describe.  They are nearly all German, so it is important to make sure that they have the relevant German approvals.  The loop system was invented by Pfeifer, and they are still the leading manufacturer, with the latest software.

Using lightweight concrete is another reason to ensure that you stick to a major manufacturer with the necessary technical backup.  If you drop me another question and include an email address, I would be happy to advise further. Continue reading