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JORDAHL® Channels and Accessories

New edition of JORDAHL English brochure “JORDAHL® Channels and Accessories

The English version of the Channels and Accessories catalogue has been revised. Based on the old brochure, the existing contents have been revised and new contents have been added: On the first pages, the various application fields of our products are presented by project pictures. Furthermore, there is an overview page for every product category at the beginning of each chapter of the brochure. JORDAHL® Facade Connection Channels JTA-RF and JTA-RT and the new JORDAHL®Toothed Straps JVB-V and JVB-N have been newly added to the catalogue as well.

The new edition of the brochure comprises 80 pages and replaces the old English “Channels and Accessories” and “Anchor channels JTA-CE” brochures.

The brochure is free to download and can be ordered with the JORDAHL brochure request form.


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JORDAHL Anchor Channels state-of-the-art anchoring

For more than a century JORDAHL® anchor channels have been recognised as a secure way to anchor loads in concrete. Regardless of whether the concrete is reinforced or non-reinforced, cracked or noncracked, JORDAHL® anchor channels always provide a load-carrying connection.

The introduction of the new European approval for JORDAHL® anchor channels JTA-CE represents state-of-the-art for anchoringProven Anchoring with in concrete and generally leads to an optimized utilisation of anchor channels.

Read our brochure as an e-book here:

Jordahl Anchor ChannelsThe design concept is based on the European partial safety concept CEN/TS 1992-4-3 and the European Technical Approval for JORDAHL® anchor channels (ETA-09/0338).

Optimized design taking into account:

-Edge distances
-Channel length
-Load distribution along the channels
-Concrete strength
-Additional reinforcement
-Thickness of the structural component

Read the full Jordahl Anchor Channels  brochure here on our website. Continue reading