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Construction industry could soon have no gender pay gap

RICS says that there could be no gender pay gap in the construction industry soon.

In a survey nearly half of construction workers predict the gap will be at least 15% by April 2018. It is currently 18.1%.

However, this positive sentiment is markedly absent in the nation’s capital, with Londoners in the construction sector predicting an average pay gap of 21 per cent.

Despite a positive outlook, the research found that businesses still need to do more to tackle gender inequality and sexism in the industry.

Nearly a third of women surveyed said they felt sexism holds them back from pursuing senior roles in construction, whilst 38% of men said their skills are better suited to the sector than women.

A total of 42 per cent of those surveyed said they believe companies need to invest more in training their existing female employees, while 40 per cent said that companies need to invest more in encouraging young girls to pursue a career in construction, so that more women enter the profession.

Resource: Independent


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CITB survival backed by Ministers

CITB News : The government has told the CITB that its future is secure if the industry votes in favour of retaining the levy.

CITB: The introduction of the apprentice levy this year has raised doubts about the viability of the construction-specific levy but ministers consider the two to be compatible and capable of operating together.


Although Ministers want the CITB to continue, it may have to close if the construction industry decides not to support the levy.

In a letter written to James Wates, chair of the CITB, skills and apprenticeships minister Anne Milton writes: “Having reviewed the options for making sure that the construction industry has the skills it needs, we have concluded that the CITB should be retained.” Continue reading