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PFEIFER FS Box – Concrete Connection and Reinforcement Systems

Helping you make the right connections…

The entirely newly developed PFEIFER-FS System was intended and developed primarily for the connection of precast/cast-in-situ concrete elements to semi-precast elements, so-called double walls. However, other connections with cast-in-situ concrete sections can be simply and flexibly realised.

The PFEIFER-FS-Box combines the well-known advantages of the PFEIFER-VS® System with the requirements of cast-in-situ concrete construction.

In particular, the robust box and the sturdy wire rope are designed especially for cast-in-situ concrete, making it the perfect concrete reinforcement systems.

Take a look out our full PFEIFER Product Range of  Brochure here:

Experience the undreamt-of increase in efficiency and implementation safety yourself – and all of that with building authority approval too!

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The full product range by PFEIFER

For over 40 years, PFEIFER building technology has been a valued partner to the precast concrete industry and has passed on to its customers its experience in the field of lifting anchor systems for lifting and transporting precast concrete parts.

The PFEIFER name represents threaded anchors in particular, though the product range also encompasses a comprehensive selection of WK/DR anchor systems and BS anchor systems.

PFEIFER has delivered fully-developed systems for providing connection of and anchoring to precast concrete parts to the concrete production industry for around twenty years.

Read our e-book full PFEIFER product brochure here:

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