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JORDAHL Design Software – New User Interface

JORDAHL Design Software: Now Even More User-Friendly Thanks to a New User 11Interface

JORDAHL is now offering completely new user interfaces for both of its JORDAHL® EXPERT software packages: JTA-CE in version 1.4 (for anchor channel design), as well as JDA version 4.2 (for punching shear reinforcement).

The most eye-catching of the new designs is the current modern ribbon design which is based on Windows 10. On the bus ribbon, the program brings the corresponding options together in the form of symbol and text buttons. In this way, the user only sees the control elements which apply to the object that they are currently processing.

In addition to this, the project management and functions such as save and print have also been revised and adapted to the processes such as they are standard on the latest versions of Office.

The print preview has also been improved and can now be used in the corresponding programs. At the same time, its quality has also been increased, and the user can alternate between the different printing options without having to close the window.

The new versions are now available for free in JORDAHL  download section.

Speak to the J&P Building Systems for more information on H-Bau Technik GmbH.


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JORDAHL® anchor channels with JORDAHL®installation cones

In this blog post we explain fastening JORDAHL® anchor channels with JORDAHL®installation cones

High quality demands are placed on precast elements made of reinforced concrete. They pose a particularly high challenge with regard to the geometry. This also applies to the built-in components such as for example anchor channels. The position must be precisely coordinated with the planned reinforcement, which is often laid very tightly. Planning a reinforcement of exactly ¼ mm is currently no longer rare. Therefore perfect positional securing of the components is of utmost importance so that the components do not shift when the concrete is being poured. The positional securing must on the one hand be firmly attached to the formwork. On the other hand it must ensure that no damage appears on the formwork and the precast element, when removing the precast element from the formwork.

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