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How to reduce noise in your home or office.

With the following 5 products we sell, your building will have less noise, perfect for meetings, or sleeping!

Here at J&P we do many Sound Insulation products from the brand H-BAU.

H-BAU Impact Sound Slab TSP– this can be used in joints between staircases, landings and in the walls of staircases, securely closed for impact sound insulation. These slabs are self-adhesive and flexible, which help prevent sound transmission between components. Advantages include; quick and easy assembly, self-adhesive side and reliable prevention of acoustic bridges.

H-BAU Schall-ISOBOX TSB– the prefabricated components, the impact noise insulation boxes TSB are placed simply on the bearing bracket. The elements can absorb positive, negative and horizontal shear forces. Advantages include; type approved, high reduction in impact sound and F90 fire protection.

H-BAU Schall-ISODORN HQW– this can be used on straight and spiral staircases in living and work areas, the supporting element reliably transmits the loads from the staircase to connecting walls. Advantages; quicker and less expensive installation, high reduction in impact sound, high resistance to shear force and F90 fire protection.

H-BAU Schall- ISOSTEP HTV– straight staircases are securely connected to landings and have sound insulation. The elements transmit shear and horizontal forces between the components and absorb horizontal compression forces. Advantages include; type approved, high load-bearing capacity, F90 fire protection and installation at prefabricating factory or on the construction site.

H-BAU Schall- ISOTRITT Z & ZB– prefabricated staircases are fully supported on slaps and the staircase has sound insulation. The insulation elements with integrated thrust block ensure reliable transmission of loads. Advantages include; quick and easy assembly, high load-bearing capacity, reliable prevention of acoustic bridges and simple adaptation to the component dimensions.

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Introducing ‘JP’ – the Concrete Man from J&P Building Systems

Big construction projects require big partners. How do you know who to trust to supply you with the right materials and the best advice?

If you are a contractor or specifier for concrete and steel construction materials in the UK then you will have heard of the team here at J&P Building Systems, we are a subsidiary of premium brand parent companies: JORDAHL, PFEIFER & H-BAU.

We have an extensive range of products aligned with the challenges of  todays modern construction requirements, supplying standard off-the-shelf products and bespoke designed solutions to support the entire construction process from design consultants to deployment on site.

This week sees the launch of our video where we introduce JP – our very own Concrete Man who explains our position as the designated supply partner for our parent brands JORDAHL, PFEIFER and H-BAU.

Watch the video here:

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