JORDAHL® Toothed Straps

JORDAHL toothed straps JVB-V and JVB-N are excellent product choices when connecting precast concrete elements such as columns and walls with each other.   

In combination with JORDAHL® anchor channels and T-bolts, they form an ideal fastening system for the efficient alignment of precast elements in a 3D space. Installation is easy, and the adjustable connections compensate for the manufacturing and placement tolerances of the concrete components.

JORDAHL® toothed straps also support high loads in two directions, while a sliding connection to the JORDAHL® anchor channel allows vital differential movement between components in the third dimension. The software allows load bearing capacities to be verified analytically with accuracy. Consequently, the combined system represents a powerful, cost-effective and completely verifiable alternative to conventional connections.

  • Toothed straps JVB-V: for shear load connections, for example: precast panel connections
  • Toothed straps JVB-N: for tension load connections. Adjustment range ± 38mm
  • Fast, efficient and adjustable connections between precast concrete components
  • Differential movement between components combined with high load capacities
  • Very cost-effective
  • Easy positioning and alignment of precast concrete elements
  • Cast-in anchor channels add to the ability to compensate for construction tolerances
  • No welding on site required
  • Suitable for thin concrete components
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Connection recess does not need to be filled with mortar
  • Complies with fire safety requirements when used in conjunction with fire lagging rope and mortar
Easy Adjustment for Construction Tolerances while Supporting High Loads
  • Accurately adjustable connections
  • Extremely resilient interlocking of strap components
  • Easy alignment of precast concrete elements
  • Connections support loads up to 17.2 kN
  • Straps can be fully loaded immediately after installation
Design Reliability
  • Secure fastening based on Eurocode-compatible design concept
  • Fully verifiable load capacities aligned with the performance of matching anchor channels
  • Free design aid with all the important information for design and product selection


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