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Important Announcement from J&P Building Systems

Important Announcement

Over the years, J&P has developed product offerings which complement those of its parent companies; Jordahl, Pfeifer and H-Bau.

Due to the increasing success of two such key products; the locally manufactured FERBOX® reinforcement continuity strip and the Invisible Connections™ range of telescopic connectors from Norway, we have decided to create a separate trading environment in which these products and future brands can further develop.

The result is the formation of a new company, Invisible Connections Ltd, which will trade from 1st September 2014, literally alongside the current J&P business.

Details as follows:


J&P Building Systems Ltd Invisible Connections Ltd
Unit 5 Thame Forty Unit 6 Thame Forty
Jane Morbey Road Jane Morbey Road
Thame Thame
Oxfordshire Oxfordshire
P:    +44 (0)1844 215200 P:    +44 (0)1844 266000
E:    sales@jp-uk.com E:    sales@invisibleconnections.co.uk
W:  jp-uk.com W:  invisibleconnections.co.uk

Although legally separate, the two businesses will continue to co-operate on many levels, for what we plan to be a seamless transition. For example, if preferred, the Invisible Connections team can still be reached via the J&P team (phone systems will be linked), and the two companies’ websites will also be cross-linked. For cost efficiency, deliveries will continue to be combined wherever practical.

The key contacts you’ve been used to dealing with won’t change either, although their place of work might (if only by 50 metres!). The internal ‘customer-serving’ staff arrangements will be as follows:

J&P Building Systems Ltd Invisible Connections Ltd
Sales – Jo Brown / Stuart Baldwin Sales – Lanty O’Donnell / Derek Brown
Technical – Jeremy Wedge / Rob Oakes Technical – Cliff Billington MBE
Warehousing & Transport – Geoff Howitt Production & Transport – Anthony Mather
Payment & Accounts – Julia Morrison Payments & Accounts – Lesley Brown

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J&P Building Systems publish detailed presentation on connectors for steel balconies

J&P Building Systems have an extensive range of products for many of todays modern construction requirements, supplying standard off-the-shelf products and bespoke designed solution.

J&P Building Systems have published a detailed presentation on connectors for steel balconies using Balcon Connectors, view or download it below:

J&P Building Systems Ltd – An Introduction from J and P Building Systems

J&P work closely with our parent companies to provide cost- effective, high quality and reliable products to benefit the construction industry. Alongside our range of products we also have an experienced team providing design guidance, technical support, sales and pricing assistance – to ensure our customers are supplied the most suitable value-engineered products and solutions for their projects. Continue reading