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The PFEIFER Column Shoe System

PFEIFER PCC Column Shoe System

PFEIFER PCC Column Shoe System: At PFEIFER, we are constantly developing optimised system extensions and improvements for the benefit of our customers and end-users. PFEIFER has further-developed a new variant in the product portfolio of the PFEIFER Column Shoe System – the new PCC Column Shoe.

The PFEIFER PCC Column Shoe System enables the load-bearing connection of column to foundations or column to column by simply bolting them together. The separation of foundations and columns for transport and assembly is therefore possible. The full carrying capacity is available immediately without casting or other additional boundary conditions. Technical proofs in the form of approvals and type tests make qualified detail solutions possible for tight column geometries. Low eccentricities between bolt axis and column shoe guarantee an ideal static model for efficient utilisation. Technical support for planning and execution by our experienced specialists ensures successful project completion.

PFEIFER PCC Column Shoe System

Technically qualified solutions as special variants contribute towards the success of the project through efficient manufacturing and optimised construction.

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The PFEIFER Column Shoe System: key benefits

PFEIFER Column Shoe System helps to transport concrete elements efficiently and safely.  This system is perfect for projects with shorter turnaround times, providing maximum flexibility during assembly even when faced with fluctuating weather conditions.

This high performance PFEIFER column shoe system enables easy load-bearing connection of columns to foundations, by simply bolting together. The foundation of the anchors can be installed on or offsite.

The new PFEIFER Column Shoe System brochure is available to download now.

PFEIFER Column ShoeAs one of the market leaders in the construction technology sector, PFEIFER ensures the highest reliability in the prefabricated concrete element industry with its technically excellent series-manufactured products. Our static support products have been developed on the basis of many years of experience in this sector. We possess extensive technical knowledge together with approvals and, therefore, make the applications straight-forward for construction. PFEIFER is active in shaping tomorrow’s construction regulations through its participation in international standards committees.


  • Secure, quick and simple connection of concrete elements by bolting together
  • Fast delivery through the use of standardised components
  • Increased installation tolerances
  • PSF type-approved column shoe for the load-bearing, rigid connection of prefabricated columns to the foundations – no diagonal bracings during the assembly period
  • Wall shoes as connecting elements within reinforced wall structures transmit straight pull and transverse shear pull

For further information on the PFEIFER Column Shoe System, visit the website main section here.