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H-BAU RAPIDOBAT® – Advantages of Reinforced concrete column formwork

With RAPIDOBAT® shuttering tubes, H-BAU provides a system of reinforced concrete column formwork, easily and economically manufactured with the round or rectangular columns. The shuttering tubes consist of multiple layer, extremely stable webs of paper and carton. In addition, the shuttering tubes can be specially refined, depending on the requirements on the exposed concrete and demands of the architect. Diverse design versions are also available.

Key Advantages:

  • Proven: for more than 20 years a manufacturer of concrete column formwork of the highest quality
  • integrated ripcord for easy striking
  • material that can be recycled
  • also dimensionally stable in driving rain
  • appropriate capitals and bases available

Product Range:

  • RAPIDOBAT® Cretcon HD: for the highest demands on the concrete surface
  • RAPIDOBAT® lined: for a very smooth concrete surface
  • RAPIDOBAT® unlined: with a slight spiral attribute
  • RAPIDOBAT® square and rectangular: for rectangular columns with a very smooth concrete surface Continue reading

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H-BAU Rapidobat Cretcon HD Concrete Formwork Tubes

RAPIDOBAT® by H-BAU is a disposable formwork system for casting round and alternative shaped concrete columns. The casing tubes consist of multi-laminated paper layers, which are extremely robust.

Rapidobat Cutaway InstallationThese unique formwork tubes can be specially treated depending on the demands on the exposed concrete and the architect’s requirements. A number of designs are available including the new RAPIDOBAT® Cretcon HD (High Density) formwork tube:

Thanks to its new, award-winning internal coating, the innovative RAPIDOBAT® Cretcon HD formwork tube provides a high-density concrete surface. With its active, absorbent Cretcon HD coating, the exposed concrete column acquires a previously unachievable, high-quality concrete surface.

The integrated ripcord allows quick and easy stripping of the reinforced concrete column. The RAPIDOBAT® tube can then be used to protect the fresh concrete.