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Pull-out reinforcement continuity systems – H-Bau Ferbox System


A widely accepted and preferred method of maintaining reinforcement across structural joints in concrete (particularly in-situ slab-to-wall connections), the H-Bau Ferbox system blends the advantages of volume production in its German plant, together with a dedicated UK-local manufacturing facility for all ‘specials’ up to 16mm diameter.FERBOX

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FERBOX reinforcement continuity system by H-BAU

FERBOX by H-BAU is a reinforcement continuity system, designed to maintain structural continuity across construction joints in reinforced concrete structures. The FERBOX casing houses suitably proven reinforcement, which is factory pre-bent and factory-fitted.

reinforcement continuity

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Reinforcement continuity systems

On the construction site, the FERBOX unit is secured inside the formwork at the front face of the structural member (often a wall), in advance of the concrete pour. The FERBOX casing is designed to remain embedded in the concrete, providing a useful rebate and key for the subsequent concrete pour. The galvanised and indented profile of the embedded casing obviates the need for traditional scabbling at the joint interface.

After striking the formwork, the casing lid is revealed and removed, providing access to the connection legs (starter bars) which lay inside. These legs are bent outwards (at 90 degrees) by the contractor, then ordinarily lapped with loose reinforcement of the subsequent structural member/concrete pour. Continue reading