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PFEIFER safety fixing system for precast concrete

PFEIFER safety fixing system for precast concrete – New Brochure Available.

PFEIFER safety fixing system for precast concrete: The PFEIFER Fixing System for Push-Pull-Props MoFi 16 is used for fixing braces to precast concrete elements.  During the assembly of these elements, the anchor is used here for bearing wind temporarily or smaller loads and collisions.

The system can help prevent accidents on site, it has building authority approval, is cost-effective due to its multiple uses and can even be used in new concrete, so is very flexible.

PFEIFER safety fixing system


As one of the market leaders in the construction technology sector, the company ensures the highest reliability in the prefabricated concrete element industry with its technically-mature, series-manufactured products. The static support products were developed on the basis of many years of experience in this sector. They possess extensive technical instructions together with approvals and, therefore, make the applications  straightforward for the customer. PFEIFER is active in shaping tomorrow’s construction regulations through its participation in international standards committees.

PFEIFER provides impeccable solutions for the diverse requirements of the construction sector.

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Concrete Reinforcement Continuity Systems – The PFEIFER range

Concrete sections supplied at different times are not a problem with the PH reinforcement continuity system.

Concrete reinforcement systems – Product description

The system encompass female and male bars for the most diverse reinforcement layout requirements and offer a customer-orientated solution for permanent connections. Reinforcement joints can be realised by simply screwing together the female and male bars.

concrete reinforcement systems


  • Flexible planning, fast construction
  • Overlap joint can be ordered without specification of sizes
  • Load-bearing connection of female and male bars with the continuity reinforcement by means of overlap joint
  • Transmission of the full bar force without reduction
  • Joints are possible without longitudinal offset in one section
  • Simple implementation of time-staggered concreting phases
  • Reduction connections for reducing the diameter in a joint or in end anchorages are additionally available Continue reading