J&P is comprehensively indemnified by an international Product Liability insurance policy which covers all aspects of the product/application development process, culminating in the supply of any finished product to the end user. This includes the provision of specific advice on product specifications, application-specific design and production of proprietary, derived and specialist ‘manufactured products’.

The specification and manufacture of derived products provided by J&P are further supported by certificates of conformance along with parent company manufacturer’s guarantees.

Providing the manufactured products are used and installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements, the products will perform as offered and delivered. However, should information be supplied to J&P, forming the basis for the product offering, prove to be erroneous or amended without the prior knowledge of J&P or if the product is altered beyond the scope of the intended application before or after installation, the manufacturer’s warranty may become invalidated.

J&P is a supplier of manufactured products, and a company recognised by specifiers for its attention to detail, offering innovative and safe input, ensuring the end-user experiences technical support through all stages of the project. It is therefore important to engage with J&P’s technical team early in the design process, as this will ensure technically accurate and cost effective product solutions, which are suitably insured, are available to the project and client.