Deploying safe, cost-effective precast concrete lifting solutions


The PFEIFER premium German-manufactured precast concrete lifting solutions help customers to overcome challenges and difficulties on any construction project.

J&P Building Systems is a subsidiary of premium parent brand PFEIFER. Together, they offer the UK construction market cost-effective, time efficient, designated precast concrete lifting systems - based on safety and optimised efficiencies. The PFEIFER premium German-manufactured precast concrete lifting solutions help customers to overcome challenges and difficulties on any construction project. This enables them to deliver on time and on budget, every time.

Most contractors want to carry out their builds in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner, achieving the ultimate outcome in terms of product performance and project profitability. The PFEIFER range of precast concrete lifting products can easily provide such solutions without compromising on premium, quality and safety expectations.

Cost management plays an integral part when it comes to selecting the most suitable lifting products. There are huge gains to be made such as the reduction in labour force, plant hire and storage facilities when building specifiers and architects select premium PFEIFER products. The biggest factor for any construction project is time, because when the schedule falters, so does the budget and that’s why we provide systems that can be deployed quickly, culminating in the best possible outcome for the best possible price.

Herman Maier, Managing Director at J&P Building Systems, explains:

“If you were to ask any of our customers what would be their ‘ideal’ scenario when constructing buildings without restrictions, they would probably say the ability to pick up and install an entire building up in a single go. Obviously, this is not realistic, but with PFEIFER lifting products we can offer premium, German-engineered lifting products that are one step closer to the whole building lifting ‘ideal’. Operational costs are vastly reduced by having the ability to lift modular concrete structures, minimising installation time, keeping labour and plant hire under control and in turn decreasing processing times and reducing risk.”

“Selecting PFEIFER products comes with a myriad of benefits, our customers know that they are buying in to a solution and not simply ‘tools for the job’. Here at J&P, our market expertise is formed around years of knowledge and experience in delivering the optimum outcome on a building project, giving our customers the freedom to optimise both their manufacturing processes and onsite deployment.”

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J&P have recently launched a video entitled ‘Concrete Man’ – watch the video here.

About J&P Building Systems

J&P is the UK supply partner for its three parent companies; H-BAU, JORDAHL and PFEIFER – internationally established business operations which can claim combined heritage going back over 500 years. They have an extensive range of products aligned with the challenges of today’s modern construction requirements, supplying standard off-the-shelf products and bespoke designed solutions to support the entire construction process from design consultants to deployment on site.

J&P supplies a comprehensive range of products in the sphere of fixing, handling and connection of structural elements. Examples include curtain-wall connections to the building frame, high-load transportation anchors for structural precast members, or insulated connections for concrete/steel balconies, plus a host of other applications. J&P has been providing these products and services to the UK construction industry for 20 years.

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