H-BAU PENTAFLEX® Sound-Insulating Cage STK

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Product description

The PENTAFLEX® STK Sound-Insulating Cage is a part of the PENTAFLEX® Joint Sealing System for producing watertight concrete structures (white tank). The two-part joining cage element is primarily used for semi-detached and terraced houses and utilized for an element wall design as well as for cast-in-situ concrete construction. The STK Sound-Insulating Cage prevents concrete bridges forming and, thus, provides acoustic separation of the wall. The acoustic insulation joint established is sealed against pressurized and non-pressurized water by the PENTAFLEX® Acoustic Joint Tape. 


  • Reliable acoustic separation of the element walls; acoustically tested
  • Quick and easy installation of the elements
  • Reliable sealing of the expansion joint
  • Resistant against all organic effluents
  • Simple and secure joining with the PENTAFLEX KB® Joint Sheets through the PENTAFLEX® Expansion Joint Connection

Product range:

  • PENTAFLEX® Sound-Insulating Cage: for the acoustic separation of the wall
  • PENTAFLEX® Acoustic Joint Tape: for sealing the joint


Joint Cage Element consisting of hydrophobic soft fibreboards with integrated steel cage. Acoustic Joint Tape, provided with a partial PENTAFLEX® special coating incl. preinstalled PENTAFLEX® Expansion Joint Connection.

Delivery lengths/load groups:

Length 3.00 m, widths of wall available 240/250/300/365 mm.

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