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Product description

By using the H-BAU Schall-ISOBOX® TSB, staircases are decoupled from living and working areas by impact sound insulation. Installation can be carried out as masonry or as concrete walls. Using prefabricated components, the impact noise insulation boxes TSB are simply placed on the bearing bracket. The sound insulation elements conform to the requirements of the increased acoustic insulation in accordance with DIN 4109 and reliably prevent acoustic bridges. Depending on the design, the elements absorb positive, negative and horizontal shear forces.


  • Type approved
  • High reduction in impact sound
  • F90 fire protection

Product range:

  • Schall-ISOBOX® TSB-MB: for using in masonry and concrete
  • Schall-ISOBOX® TSB-F: for using in prefabricating factory
  • Schall-ISOBOX® TSB-T: for using in masonry and concrete, incl. reinforcement cage
  • Schall-ISOBOX® TSB-BT: for using in masonry and concrete, incl. supporting element


Acoustic box comprising of CFC and halogen-free, polyurethane integral foam with EPDM elastomer bearing. Packing made from expanded polystyrene as well as wooden assembly plate. Reinforcement cage made from B500B. Supporting element made from concrete C20/25 with integrated reinforcement cage made from B500B.

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