Toothed JORDAHL® Mounting Channels JXM W

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Product description

The toothed JORDAHL® mounting channels JXM W, together with the appropriate toothed T-bolts and the JORDAHL® accessories, create a versatile channel-T-bolt connection that can be adapted to new support and fastening requirements. They can absorb loads in all directions.


  • Can be directly welded on and bolted to framework constructions
  • Quick replacement, retrofitting, moving of construction components
  • Free positioning and variable adjustment of attachment parts
  • Compensation of constructional tolerances; standard grid sizes can be changed
  • For variable T-bolt distances in the longitudinal direction of the channel
  • Right-angled profile edges for good welability
  • Free from internal stress, high ductility, dynamically loadable
  • Optimised geometry with strengthened channel lips and large contact areas for high tightening torques 
  • Flexible planning, due to universal load-capacity in all directions

Customized solutions:

Curved mounting channels, double profiles, cold-formed toothed mounting channels.


With effective corrosion protection. Available made from hot-dip galvanized steel, stainless steel (A4) and mill finish steel.

Delivery lengths/load groups:

Four sizes of toothed channels for economical construction, available in lengths up to 6000 mm. High load-bearing capacity for loads up to 34 kN (FKM), break-load design up to 85 kN.

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