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Product description

The entirely newly developed PFEIFER-FS System was intended and developed primarily for the connection of precast/cast-in-situ concrete elements to semi-precast elements, so-called double walls. However, other connections with cast-in-situ concrete sections can be simply and flexibly realised.


The PFEIFER-FS-Box combines the well-known advantages of the PFEIFER-VS® System with the requirements of cast-in-situ concrete construction.

In particular the robust box and the sturdy wire rope are designed especially for cast-in-situ concrete.

The inherent flexibility of the wire rope delivers huge advantages here in comparison with previous solutions such as rigid reinforcing steel, since the wire rope loops can neither get in the way nor cause injuries beforehand. During the assembly processes they can be bent as desired and always spring back into the nominal position afterwards.

Experience the undreamt-of increase in efficiency and implementation safety yourself - and all of that with building authority approval too!

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