PFEIFER Bearing Systems

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Product description

The PFEIFER Bearing Systems are used for the inexpensive, fast support of TT plates, trough plates, joists and staircases. They encompass the innovative PFEIFER steel bearings and the height-adjustable PFEIFER Vario Sonic staircase bearing.


  • Secure bearing on simple rectangular joists
  • Direct bearing with low load eccentricity
  • Bearing ledges and dowels for securing the position are no longer required
  • Stairs under load are height-adjustable – usable without crane and braces
  • Reduction of the crane and assembly times
  • Outstanding footstep sound insulation
  • Saving of construction costs and time by delegating the detailed planning in advance to PFEIFER
  • Prefabrication of the precast elements under controlled conditions
  • The sticking-on of neoprene bearings can be avoided


Type tested or German Institute of Construction Technology (DIBT) general technical approval


Steel bearings: rolled steel S 355, reinforcing steel bar B500B, high grade precision steel tube.
Staircase bearings: socket made of galvanized precision steel tube, transversal force bolt made of high-strength galvanized steel, neoprene bearing, foam box, plastic data clip.

Delivery lengths/load groups:

Steel bearing available in PS-A 65, PS-A 80/100, PS-A 130 and PS-A 160.
Staircase bearing available in SL-H 150, VS 150, SL-HS 150, SL-WS 150 and SLE.


The original PFEIFER software suite is available for download free of charge from in German, English, Polish, Czech, Danish, French and Spanish.

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