PFEIFER Column Shoe System/Wall Shoe System

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The Dream

Product description

PFEIFER Column Shoe and Wall Shoe System have been developed for the fast, load-bearing connection of columns and walls to one another or to the foundations. They offer a high standard of safety through industrial prefabrication of the connecting elements.


  • Secure, quick and simple connection of concrete elements by bolting together
  • Fast delivery through the use of standardised components
  • Increased installation tolerances
  • PSF type-approved column shoe for the load-bearing, rigid connection of prefabricated columns to the foundations – no diagonal bracings during the assembly period
  • Wall shoes as connecting elements within reinforced wall structures transmit straight pull and transverse shear pull 


Column shoe: made of reinforcing steel bar B500B and structural steel.
Wall shoe: made of reinforcing steel bar B500B and steel profile. 

Delivery lengths/load groups:

Column shoe: available as PCC and PSF variation.
Wall shoe: available in the sizes PWS120 - PWS900.


Original PFEIFER software can be downloaded free of charge from in German and English.

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