JORDAHL® Anchor Channels JTA W

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St. Georges Wharf


125 Old Broad Street


Canary Wharf

Product description

The hot-rolled anchor channels JTA W together with the appropriate JORDAHL® T-head bolts and JORDAHL® accessories create a versatile and proven connection system. They are cast into concrete and transfer high loads reliably in reinforced and non-reinforced concrete structural components and absorb tensile and transverse pull loads at right angles to the axis of the channel.


  • Quick, efficient and versatile fastening of high loads
  • Simple compensation of building tolerances
  • No damage to the components by drilling
  • Reduced construction time by using simple hand tools
  • Small edge spacings possible
  • Simple, individual options for application and reusability of the fastening
  • Resistant to fatigue, seismic activities, explosions
  • Optimised geometry with strengthened channel lips for high tightening torques
  • Approved for installation in components with fire safety requirements

Customized solutions:

Curved anchor channels, anchor channel pairs, anchor channel corner pieces. Production of special profiles on request.


European Technical Approval ETA-09/0338


With effective corrosion protection. Available in hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel (A4). Standard filling of polyethylene (PE) or polystyrene (PS).

Delivery lengths/load groups:

Available in five different types of cross-section. Can be delivered in any length up to 6 metres. Static load-bearing capacity up to 51.5 kN service load (72.2 kN design resistance).


Intuitive software: JORDAHL® EXPERT for the selection of the optimum anchor channels taking into consideration edge spacing, load distribution, reinforcement and thickness of components. Free download on

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