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Product description

The special, perfectly matching T-bolts for the JORDAHL® range of channels ensure safe fastening of attachment parts. JORDAHL® T-bolts guarantee a form-fitting connection for each type of channel, including nuts.


  • Strong connection by using high bolt tightening torques
  • Shaft marked with notch to indicate correct alignment of bolt
  • JORDAHL® hooked-head T-bolts: together with the JORDAHL® anchor channels JTA W safe transmission of tensile and shear loads
  • JORDAHL® hammer-head T-bolts: guarantee form-fitting connections, e.g. with the JORDAHL® anchor channels JTA K
  • JORDAHL® toothed T-bolts: together with the toothed JORDAHL® anchor channels JXA, absorption of loads in all directions
  • JORDAHL® double-notch toothed T-bolts: for load transmission with hot-rolled channels and static loading in all directions


Available in electro zinc plated steel (strength classes 4.6/8.8), hot-dip galvanized steel (strength classes 4.6/8.8) and stainless steel A4 (strength classes 50/70).

Delivery lengths/load groups:

Can be delivered in lengths of 15 to 300 mm.

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