H-BAU SWELLFLEX® Waterstop Tapes

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Product description

SWELLFLEX® waterstop tapes are a reliable alternative to conventional joint sealing systems and distinguish themselves through flexibility for irregular shape of joints. They provide sealing of joints in concrete construction that are continuously, or partially, exposed to pressurized water. During concreting of the component, the expansion tapes are completely encompassed by the fresh concrete, expand and build up a contact pressure that seals the construction joint.


  • General appraisal certificate
  • Absorbs movements in the joint without impairing the sealing effect
  • Proven in civil engineering, engineering and tunnel construction
  • Expanding and shrinking process often indefinitely reversible
  • Easy to handle
  • Comprehensive product range 

Product range:

  • SWELLFLEX® BS: Natural sodium bentonite waterstop tape
  • SWELLFLEX® BT: Natural sodium bentonite waterstop tape with patented rain-protection coating for processing independent of the weather
  • SWELLFLEX® RB: Rubber waterstop tape


General appraisal certificate P-5215/955/08 MPA-BS and P-5211/951/08 MPA-BS.


BS and BT: Sealing tape based on bentonite and butyl rubber.
RB: Extruded rubber composite, consisting of butyl rubber, water source resins, polyethylenes and silicones.

Delivery lengths/load groups:

SWELLFLEX® waterstop tape available in different dimensions and delivery lengths.

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