H-BAU Surface Sealing

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Product description

SWELLPROOF and SWELLFLEX® are geotextiles, water-activated seals for special application on external surfaces to be sealed. Due to the combination of bentonite, as clay sealing strip (brown tank) and source-modified polymers, the pre-assembled sealing membrane provides new and unique fields of application in the sealing of structures. SWELLPROOF and SWELLFLEX® surface sealings are primarily used in landfill and earthwork construction. 


  • For sealing concrete building components with large surface areas that come into contact with the ground
  • Innovative, efficient, safe
  • Impermeable to water
  • Environmentally friendly and does not rot

Product range:

  • SWELLPROOF DS: high-quality bentonite, double seal
  • SWELLPROOF CS: in addition to DS, resistant to root penetration and impervious to radon
  • SWELLFLEX® EasySeal: expanding agent sealing sheet with low mass per area
  • SWELLFLEX® SilverSeal: in addition to EasySeal, laminated PE film 


DS: consisting of PE-3-D composite and standard bentonite sealing mat (GTD/GCL).
CS: in addition to DS, with PE coating and radon sealing.
EasySeal: fleece with expanding agent, polymers.
SilverSeal: in addition to EasySeal, with PE film. 

Delivery lengths:

DS and CS: 30 m roll, available in widths 1.20/1.80/3.60 m.
EasySeal and SilverSeal: 50 m roll, available in widths 0.33/2.00 m. 

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