H-BAU Stainless Steel Reinforcements

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Product description

The H-BAU stainless steel reinforcements RIPINOX® and STAIFIX® are designed for the areas in reinforced concrete with the highest requirements on the durability of the reinforcement. They are used in constructions where increased protection against external influences or a filigrane geometry of the components is required, e.g. in the event of a corrosive environment or little concrete covering.

The H-BAU with STAIFIX® also provides the optimum solution for renovating and reinforcing masonry.


  • Suitable for critical areas in reinforced concrete construction, e.g. bridge construction, for facade concrete slabs, for supporting walls or in swimming pools
  • Straight or curved reinforcement beam available
  • No risk of corrosion if cracks form in the concrete
  • RIPONIX®: can be welded and is not magnetic
  • STAIFIX®: high tensile strength and resistant to fatigue


RIPONIX®: building-authority approved

Special solutions:

Depending on the requirements of the customer, special designs can be curved and produced in accordance with the drawing and material list.

Product range:

  • RIPINOX®: non-corrosive reinforced ribbed concrete
  • STAIFIX®: high-strength and corrosion-resistant steel for anchors and connection reinforcements
  • STAIFIX® accessories:
    • diverse nuts
    • couplings
    • turnbuckles
    • anchor plates
    • dowels


RIPINOX®: non-corrosive reinforced ribbed concrete Tool steel No. 1.4571.
STAIFIX®: non-corrosive stainless steel Tool steel No. 1.4429, smooth or ribbed designs.
Other materials (e.g. Tool steel No. 1.4362, 1.4462) on request.

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