H-BAU Double-Wall Transport Anchor Type KE

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Product description

The Double-Wall Transport Anchor TYPE KE provides safe erecting, relocating and transporting element walls in prefabrication plants and on construction sites. The numerous load-bearing capacities and dimensions, as well as their innovative design, significantly increase the flexibility.


  • Unique product technically, economically and regarding safety
  • Graduated load capacities for efficient planning
  • Quicker and easier installation for trouble-free production flow
  • Position can be planned independent of the formwork girders
  • Transmission of the deflection forces through precise timber shoring

Product range:

  • Transport Anchor Type KE I: for slabs with a small surface area, up to approx. 4.00 m
  • Transport Anchor Type KE III: for common slab dimensions, with GS mark for the best possible safety
  • Transport Anchor Type KE IV: for slabs with special requirements 


Made from smooth, high-ductile round steel with precise timber shoring made from high-quality laminated veneer lumber. 

Delivery lengths/load groups:

Available for load capacities of 9.0 to 65.0 kN (depending on type and form of tension).

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