H-BAU HED and JSD+ Individual Shear Dowels

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Product description

If shear forces between concrete components must be safely transmitted away across construction and expansion joints, the individual shear dowels from H-BAU can be used. They are suitable to use for thinner components and low loads (HED) as well as for designs that must transmit high shear forces (JSD+).


  • High-quality stainless steel design and permanent protection against corrosion
  • F90 with fire protection sleeve
  • Special sliding sleeves to accommodate lateral displacement of the slabs available

Product range:

  • Shear Dowels HED: displacing the components along the longitudinal axis of the beam up to a joint width of 40 mm, as well as transmitting vertical and horizontal loads (e.g. wind loads)
  • High-Performance Dowels JSD+: especially for transmitting high shear forces for uni-axial or bi-axial displacement


HED: available in various materials; e.g. S355 galvanized, V4A 1.4571 or 1.4462. Sliding sleeves made from plastic or stainless steel.
JSD+: made from stainless steel with permanent protection against corrosion.

Delivery lengths/load groups:

HED: Length 300 and 500 mm, available at ø 20/22/25/30 mm.
JSD+: Length depending on diameter, available at ø 20/22/24/27/30/37/42 mm.


Dimensioning program JSD+ Design for quick, easy and effective measurement of the dowel system for expanding joints transmitting shear forces. Free download on www.h-bau.de.

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