H-BAU UNICON® Fast Connection System

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Product description

The innovative UNICON® system from H-BAU enables simultaneous and positive locking connection of components and media in precast construction simply through pushing together. Using this modular system, up to 100% prefabrication of the modules at the works is ensured and, thus, high quality components and, simultaneously, saving costs. There are diverse connecting elements available to the user. 


  • Revolutionary, universal fast connection system for producing precast components
  • Simple plug-in assembly on the construction site
  • Prefabrication of components at the prefabrication plant
  • Integration of media connections
  • Non-destructive dismantling

Product range:

  • POWERCON®: Load connector
  • POWERCON® Multi: Load connector with option to adjust
  • POWERCLIP: Connector for floor/wall connection
  • AQUACON®: Water system connector
  • SANICON:  Ventilation and sewage system connector
  • ENERCON®: Power and ductwork system connector
  • BASECON: Assembly and media connector 


POWERCON® and POWERCON® Multi: made from galvanized cast steel.
AQUACON®: Water plug made from dezincification-free brass with 3-fold O-ring seal and 1/2" internal thread connection.
SANICON: made from GRP plastic.
ENERCON®: 7-pole connector, VDE approved in accordance with EIF.
BASECON: made from GRP plastic.

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