H-BAU ISOPRO® Thermal Insulation Elements

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Lingfield Park

Product description

The Thermal Insulation ISOPRO® connecting elements from H-BAU reliably establish positive locking connections of external components made from concrete with the internal components. With an insulation thickness of 80 mm, ISOPRO® solves thermal insulation and structural weak points in the shell of the building and continues to exceed the minimum requirements of thermal insulation. 


  • Easy, quick, efficient
  • Reduces the cost of heating
  • Reduces thermal bridges and, thus, damage caused by mould and moisture
  • Reinforcing beams made from B500B and B500NR for reliable exclusion of corrosion problems and to reduce thermal flow in the framework to a minimum 


Building-authority approved Z-15.7-243 and Z-15.7-244, type tested.

Product range:

  • ISOPRO® IP and IPT: for cantilevered slabs
  • ISOPRO® IPQ and IPQQ: for supported components
  • ISOPRO® IPTD: for continuous slabs
  • ISOPRO® IPQS and IPQQS: for point connection of supported components


80 mm insulation body: made from NEOPOR® with λ = 0.031 W/mK.
Reinforcement beams: made from B500B and B500NR.
Thrust bearing: made from special, high-strength concrete.


Dimensioning program ISOPRO® Design for quick, easy and effective measurement of the balcony system with connection of the ISOPRO® Elements. Free download on www.h-bau.de.

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