H-BAU ISOMAXX® Thermal Insulation Elements

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MAD Building

Product description

ISOMAXX® is the further development of the well-known ISOPRO® balcony insulation elements from H-BAU. The Thermal Insulation ISOMAXX® connecting elements reliably establish positive locking connections of external components made from concrete with the internal components. With an insulation thickness of 120 mm and the excellent insulation characteristic, the elements are well suited for application in buildings with especially high demands on the thermal insulation. 


  • Excellent insulation characteristics
  • Reduces the cost of heating
  • Reduces thermal bridges and, thus, damage caused by mould and moisture
  • Reinforcing beams made from B500B and B500NR for reliable exclusion of corrosion problems and to reduce thermal flow in the framework to a minimum
  • Improved sound insulation


Building-authority approved Z-15.7-243 and Z-15.7-244, sound insulation tested.

Product range:

  • ISOMAXX® IM and IMT: for cantilevered slabs
  • ISOMAXX® IMQ and IMTQQ: for supported components
  • ISOMAXX® IMTD: for continuous slabs
  • ISOMAXX® IMTQS and IMTQQS: for point connection of supported components


120 mm insulation body: made from NEOPOR® with λ = 0.031 W/mK.
Reinforcement beams: made from B500B and B500NR.
Thrust bearing: made from B500NG.

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