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Product description

PENTAFLEX® FTS Rated-Crack Elements belong to the recognized and proven PENTAFLEX® Joint Sealing System for producing watertight concrete structures (white tank). They are used to produce rated-cracks in element walls and are specially designed to seal vertical joints in element construction. The FTS Rated-Crack Elements consist of a joint sheet with the proven PENTAFLEX® special coating, as well as a flank made from galvanized steel sheet. This attenuates the cross section of the concrete and also provides attachment for the flashing. Simultaneously, the crack that occurs is secured against pressurized and non-pressurized water by the integrated flashing. 


  • Impervious up to 7.0 bar (according to abP 2.0 bar)
  • Quick and easy installation of the elements on the prefabricated shell
  • Reliable generation of the shrinkage crack
  • Resistant against all organic effluents
  • Simple and secure joining with the PENTAFLEX KB® Joint Sheets

Product range:

  • PENTAFLEX® FTS-Fuge: for straight joint 
  • PENTAFLEX® FTS-Eck: for corner joint

Approval/test certificate:

General building test certificate P-5120/231/09 MPA-BS.


FTS-Fuge, FTS-Eck: galvanized sheet steel with special coating and removable protection strips. 

Delivery lengths/load groups:

FTS-Fuge, FTS-Eck: Length 2.50 m, widths available 240 – 280 mm/290 – 340 mm/350 – 400 mm.
Other dimensions on request.

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