J & P BALCON® Insulated Steel Balcony Connector

J & P BALCON® Insulated Steel Balcony Connector

A registered LABC detail since 2018, J & P BALCON® is based on JORDAHL® anchor channel technology which has a history of over 100 years proven reliability for connections to concrete. Using quickly installed T-bolt technology, J & P BALCON® is an easily adjustable and thermally insulated connection system that enables accurate installation of steel balconies to concrete frame buildings.  These features speed construction and reduce installion costs for many of our clients while assisting designers comply with Part L of the building regulations. This versatile system provides robust, rigid connections across a wide range of load and structural variations.




  • Accurate positioning of balcony connection points
  • Fast installation with no welding or drilling of concrete
  • Independently assessed thermal insulation performance
  • LABC Registered Detail
  • Rigid connections minimising spring in the balcony


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