J&P BALCON® Steel Balcony Connector with Thermal Break

J&P BALCON® Adjustable Steel Balcony Connector with Thermal Break

A registered LABC detail since 2018, J & P BALCON® is based on JORDAHL® anchor channel technology. Using quickly installed T-bolt technology, J&P BALCON® is an easily adjustable connection system that enables accurate installation of steel balconies to concrete frame buildings while providing a thermal break.  The capability for vertical and horizontal positioning adjustment speeds construction and reduce installion costs for many of our clients, while assisting designers comply with Part L of the building regulations. This versatile system provides robust, rigid connections across a wide range of load and structural variations.



Assembly Instruction
Thermal break balcony connector


  • Accurate positioning of balcony connection points
  • Fast installation with no welding or drilling of concrete
  • Independently assessed thermal insulation performance
  • LABC Registered Detail
  • Rigid connections minimising spring in the balcony
  • Thermal Break


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