Anchoring Methods in Tunnel Construction

JORDAHL® anchor channels and bolts are a suitable system for safe and reliable anchoring of equipment such as overhead lines, signal systems, lighting as well as ventilation and exhaust systems in tunnels and supply structures.

These civil engineering structures must comply with the safety-related requirements for personal protection, fi re prevention, corrosion protection and on technical equipment also for years after their provision. Cast-in JORDAHL® anchor channels have proven themselves world-wide and set the standards in fastening technology. JORDAHL® anchor channels have European Technical Approval, reference ETA-09/0338, and have National Technical Approval, reference Z-21.4-151.

Key features:

Quick, efficient anchoring on site, long lasting simple assembly. Maintenance-free through the use of corrosion-resistant grades of stainless steel,reduced construction time through pre-planning, anchoring without damage to the concrete or reinforcement (no physical impact with the iron) and suitable without restriction for cracked or uncracked concrete

Areas of Application:

  • Railway tunnels

  • Road tunnels

  • Utility ducts

  • Bridges

  • Underpasses.

The anchor channels have nailholes and can be fixed directly onto the base of formwork. The slim anchors ensure that there is no problem inserting the reinforcement. When using formwork carriages JORDAHL® supplies special bolts which can be pushed through the formwork in order to fasten the anchor channels onto the formwork. The positioning of the fastening points requires precise planning by the formwork setter.


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