In 1913 the Anders Jordahl, who was a Norwegian working in Germany, filed the first anchor channel patent for his newly developed invention that enabled adjustable connections to concrete. This historic development followed the introduction of the first system of concrete punching shear reinforcement to Europe by his company in 1907.

From that early beginning, JORDAHL GmbH has continued to innovate, develop and produce high-quality and innovative construction products from its manufacturing base in Germany. Under the motto "anchored in quality" and distributing globally, the company has become recognised as a leader in connections for concrete and steel structures; reinforcement systems; and façade connection systems. By offering excellent delivery service; high quality technical support; and innovative design software to support its products, the company is recognised as valuable partner to both the engineering and construction communities worldwide. Jordahl GmbH is a shareholder in J & P Building Systems Ltd.

The range of products offered under the JORDAHL® brand include:

  • Hot rolled and cold formed anchor channels and T-bolts for adjustable and reliable connections to concrete.
  • Double headed punching shear slab reinforcement
  • Acoustic decoupling connections
  • Façade restraint and support products

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