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Cost Comparison Sealing Technology Systems - Part 4

The advances in sealing technology systems with the introduction of the coated steel sheet provide a robust, cost-effective solution to provide rugged basement solutions to meet the ever-increasing demands of the client performance specifications.

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Metal Sheet Water Bars Sealing technology Part 3

Advances in sealing technology have also been made and coated metal sheet water bars provides the best of both worlds.

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Advances in the technology of Sealing Systems PVC Tapes Part 2

PVC tapes, on the other hand, provide an active solution to sealing joints within basement construction and leaks should they occur are often associated with workmanship issues or compaction of the concrete around the joint.

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The use of hydrophilic strips as a joint sealing system

The use of hydrophilic strips as a joint sealing system has been a long stay item for many as a standard joint sealing solution. It is often seen as a simple choice by the specifier and can be changed on site to suit construction sequence, should this change be required to accommodate revisions to the pour sequence.

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Advances in the technology of Sealing Systems - Part 1

Advances in the technology behind concrete mix design mean that specifiers of concrete for basement construction have a broader choice to achieve the desired end product to satisfy Euro Code requirements, but the weakness in any basement is the jointing.

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Structural Precast Lifting Guideline

Jeremy Wedge of J&P Building Systems looks at a new guideline for lifting inserts and systems to enhance the safe lifting of precast elements and standardise practice.

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Glass-fibre reinforcement – overcoming the limitations of reinforcing steel

Glass-fibre reinforcement has been around for over 30 years. It has successfully replaced traditional steel or stainless steel reinforcement on many projects that have specialist applications. One such application is sea defence structures where high levels of corrosion resistance are required.

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J & P BALCON® system is now an LABC Registered Detail

J & P BALCON® from J&P Building Systems Ltd has recently been accepted as an LABC Registered Detail. The range of products comprise a thermally insulated and fully adjustable steel balcony to concrete connection system, for use on reinforced concrete floors or precast concrete/hollow-deck floors.

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