Shuttering tubes made from multi-layer paper and cardboard webs designed for creating reinforced-concrete columns.

RAPIDOBAT® by H-BAU Technik is a disposable formwork system for casting round and alternative shaped concrete columns. The casing tubes consist of multi-laminated paper layers, which are extremely robust. These formwork tubes can be specially treated depending on the demands on the exposed concrete and the architect’s requirements.

Using RAPIDOBAT® formwork tubes, combines architectural freedom with structural feasibility. Their simple erection, concreting and stripping allows economical rapid construction. Depending on the client’s wishes, the columns can be produced with a barely visible spiral marking for subordinate structures such as cellars or underground car parks, or with a seamless coating for high-quality exposed concrete columns, such as those used in large residential buildings and commercial projects.

Up to a formwork tube length of 5.00 m the formwork tube can be secured using a single guy plane. Additional guy planes must be used for formwork tube lengths greater than 5.00 m. If heavy tension-compression props are used for guying, we recommend installing additional, short pieces of formwork tube beneath the RAPIDO-Clamp elements. This prevents pressure points on the formwork tube and the concrete column.

With RAPIDOBAT® formwork tubes, H-BAU provides a system of column formwork for easy and economic manufacturing of round and rectangular columns. The formwork tubes consist of multi-layered, very stable webs of paper and cardboard. In addition, the formwork tubes could be specially refined depending on the demands placed on the exposed concrete and requirements of the architect. Various versions are available.

The RAPIDOBAT® Cretcon HD formwork tube has an internal coating. The hydrogel formwork skin is self-activating as soon as it comes into contact with the fresh concrete. With the activatable RAPIDOBAT® Cretcon HD coating, it is possible to achieve a very high-quality concrete surface finish on exposed concrete columns. The integrated ripcord allows the reinforced-concrete columns to be stripped easily and without problems. The formwork tube can then be used to support the new concrete. The products are manufactured in the factory and do not remain as formwork component in the building.

Download our RAPIDOBAT® Formwork and RAPIDOBAT® Cretcon brochure here.

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