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For over 25 years J&P Building Systems has worked closely with customers and engineering consultants to provide cost-effective, and reliable products to the construction and engineering industries. Representing the renown brands of JORDAHL, H-BAU, and PFEIFER the company has an extensive range of lifting, connection and sealing products that are focused on today's modern construction requirements. Together, these brands have over 600 years of international experience in the development of both reliable and high functioning products that cover the needs of many sectors of the construction industry. On 1st January 2022, JORDAHL and H-BAU were merged to form PohlCon GmbH and J&P Building Systems Ltd became a wholly owned subsidiary. JORDAHL and H-BAU remain as two of the product brands marketed by PohlCon Gmbh.



Cast in channels and J-Sled at Google Headquarters, London

JORDAHL Cast in Channels feature at Google HQ, London. Supplied to a range of contractors on this project for various purposes including façade connections, balustrade connections and precast connections.

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J-Sled - Cast in Channel for Metal Deck Floors

J-Sled, Jordahl Cast in Channels for Curtain Wall Connections, 22 Bishopsgate, London

J-Sleds were designed bespoke to suit multiple loading scenarios at 22 Bishopsgate, London. They are a cast-in, bolted connection for fixing curtain wall hanging brackets to the thin concrete floor.

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Adjustable Steel Beam Connections with J&P BEAMCON

High capacity and adjustable connections to concrete structures on composite steel frame buildings.

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Mitigating the risk of silica dust exposure in the construction industry

As highlighted by the Health and Safety Executive’s current focus on respiratory risks to site operatives, exposure to silica dust presents a significant health hazard to construction workers.

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One New Change

JORDAHL® cast in channel concrete connections feature in One New Change, London

At One New Change, there is a new development that consists of three floors. It has 32,000m² of office space and 20,600m² of retail space. Also, there is a new rooftop space available for local residents, workers, and visitors to use.

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J&P BALCON® steel balcony connector with thermal break at Beaufort Park, UK

To minimise thermal bridging on the balconies at Beaufort Park, the Structural Engineer specified the use of the J&P BALCON® steel balcony connector for steel balconies.

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cast in channels

Connecting structural steel to concrete using cast in channels 1 Broadgate London.

Last week the team were on site to check progress on the Sir Robert McAlpine project at 1 Broadgate, City of London. J&P is supplying cast in channel ladders to William Hare Group and Jordahl JXA channels efficiently connect structural steel to concrete, negating the need for post-fixing or welding.


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 façade connections, cast in channels for cladding

Cast in Channel J-Sled in 8 Bishopsgate

Our J-Sled product for façade connections, cast in channels for cladding connections and channels for elevator/lift connections are integral to the construction of this fantastic, iconic landmark - No.8 Bishopsgate, London


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Jordahl Punching Shears EPD

Punching shear reinforcement for flat slab concrete structures and foundations

Our punching shear reinforcement JDA JORDAHL® is used to transfer high transverse forces with low formwork and reinforcement requirements and also to optimise the use of space. The punching shear rail resistance can be increased by 50%, when compared to foundations without punching shear reinforcement, even by 96% compared to ceiling slabs without…

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cast in channels concrete connections

Cast in channels - providing safe and adjustable concrete connections

Cast in channels are likely to be used in most commercial construction projects. JORDAHL® cast in channels are used in conjunction with easy twist-in T bolts that together, provide safe and adjustable concrete connections for the resistance of tension and shear loads.

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