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For over 25 years J&P Building Systems has worked closely with customers and engineering consultants to provide cost-effective, and reliable products to the construction and engineering industries. Representing the renown brands of JORDAHL, H-BAU, and PFEIFER the company has an extensive range of lifting, connection and sealing products that are focused on today's modern construction requirements. Together, these brands have over 600 years of international experience in the development of both reliable and high functioning products that cover the needs of many sectors of the construction industry. On 1st January 2022, JORDAHL and H-BAU were merged to form PohlCon GmbH and J&P Building Systems Ltd became a wholly owned subsidiary. JORDAHL and H-BAU remain as two of the product brands marketed by PohlCon Gmbh.



shear rail

Shear Rails in Construction: Essential Components for Structural Integrity

Shear rails, also known as stud rails or punching shear rails / reinforcement systems, are specialist reinforcement elements used in concrete construction to enhance the shear capacity of slabs, footings, and other structural elements. They are typically made of steel and consist of a series of studs or rails anchored in the concrete, providing…

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J&P Building Systems at Precast & Masonry Expo 24

J&P Exhibit at Precast and Masonry Expo 2024

J&P Building Systems will be exhibiting at the 2024 Precast & Masonry Expo in Leicester next month.

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Lifting Anchor Systems

Threaded Lifting Systems for Precast Concrete Components

The PFEIFER Threaded Lifting System is globally recognised for its superior safety and quality in lifting and handling precast concrete components.

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JORDAHL® Channels and Accessories

Exploring Cast-in Channels in Modern Construction

In the world of modern construction, innovative techniques and materials play pivotal roles in enhancing building efficiency and structural integrity. Among these, cast-in channels have emerged as a versatile and reliable solution.

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J-Sled Facade Cast-in Connection System at 1 Liverpool Street London

J-Sled provides simple, precise, and adjustable connections for the tops of composite metal deck floor slabs. It is sized for easy installation at the top of permanent metal deck formwork and is custom-designed to meet the unique requirements of each project.

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Tension Rod Systems UMIX

PFEIFER Tension Rod UMIX systems effectively transfer tensile forces within structures, suitable for uses such as bracing, prestressing, or suspending loads. These systems are rigorously tested for high fatigue strength and feature robust galvanized protection, making them ideal for demanding environments.

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H-BAU ISOPRO® and ISOMAXX® Thermally Insulated Balcony Connectors

ISOPRO® and ISOMAXX® Load-Bearing Thermal Insulation Systems

H-BAU ISOPRO® and ISOMAXX® thermal break systems providing low deflection shear and moment connections. They effectively block thermal bridges at junctions where concrete balconies link to the main building structure.

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cast in channels concrete connections

Cast in channels - providing safe and adjustable concrete connections

Cast in channels are likely to be used in most commercial construction projects. JORDAHL® cast in channels are used in conjunction with easy twist-in T bolts that together, provide safe and adjustable concrete connections for the resistance of tension and shear loads.

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Jordahl Punching Shears EPD

Punching shear reinforcement for flat slab concrete structures and foundations

Our punching shear reinforcement JDA JORDAHL® is used to transfer high transverse forces with low formwork and reinforcement requirements and also to optimise the use of space. The punching shear rail resistance can be increased by 50%, when compared to foundations without punching shear reinforcement, even by 96% compared to ceiling slabs without…

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ISOPRO® Balcony Thermal Breaks

J&P supply ISOPRO® Balcony Thermal Breaks at Burnt Oak Broadway

Working with main contractor ARJ Construction, the £21.3m contract will deliver this fantastic development at 98-102 Burnt Oak Broadway for Network Homes Ltd.


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