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For over 25 years J&P Building Systems has worked closely with customers and engineering consultants to provide cost-effective, and reliable products to the construction and engineering industries. Representing the renown brands of JORDAHL, H-BAU, and PFEIFER the company has an extensive range of lifting, connection and sealing products that are focused on today's modern construction requirements. Together, these brands have over 600 years of international experience in the development of both reliable and high functioning products that cover the needs of many sectors of the construction industry.

Shuttering tubes made from multi-layer paper and cardboard webs designed for creating reinforced-concrete columns.

RAPIDOBAT® by H-BAU Technik is a disposable formwork system for casting round and alternative shaped concrete columns. The casing tubes consist of multi-laminated paper layers, which are extremely robust. These formwork tubes can be specially treated depending on the demands on the exposed concrete and the architect’s requirements.

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Hope Sculpture. Steuart Padwick © Fourfifteen

Leading industry partners collaborate on COP26 Hope Sculpture.

J&P Building Systems collaborates on COP26 Hope Sculpture: a showcase for a sustainable future with 75% lower carbon impact. We were pleased to supply H-BAU Rapidobat Cretcon formwork to enable an architectural finish to be achieved on the cement- free concrete support structure for the Hope Sculpture. The cement-free concrete support structure was…

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JORDAHL® Channels and Accessories

Reach the heights of design performance

Jordahl® Anchor Channels by J&P - Drive Better Productivity, Innovation, and Safety.

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Jordahl Punching Shears EPD

Transmitting high shear forces in flat floor applications

JORDAHL® Punching Shear Reinforcement JDA for Flat floors and footings - For everyone who needs more space in less time.

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H-BAU Pentaflex Feature

PENTAFLEX KB® metal water bars are fully coated on both sides with a special coating to provide reliable waterproofing at concrete joints. The bond between the special coating and new concrete prevents water infiltrating the joint and an embedment depth of 30 mm is enough to withstand water pressure of up to 5.0 bar.

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UK construction output pace is fastest is 24 years

The recovery in UK construction output gained further momentum in June, according to the latest survey of construction purchasing managers. Overall construction activity expanded at the fastest pace since June 1997, supported by another sharp rise in new orders.

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Creating excellent connection systems with JORDAHL® anchor channels and matching T-bolts

JORDAHL® anchor channels with matching T-bolts create an excellent connection system for transferring loads to reinforced concrete components. Initial installation is fast and connections are easy to position accurately.

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Anchoring Methods in Tunnel Construction

JORDAHL® anchor channels and bolts are a suitable system for safe and reliable anchoring of equipment such as overhead lines, signal systems, lighting as well as ventilation and exhaust systems in tunnels and supply structures.

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Construction Industry Workers

Construction industry bounces back but needs over 200,000 new workers by 2025

Construction has bounced back quicker than expected from the Covid-19 pandemic and the industry will reach 2019 levels of output in 2022. By 2025, the industry will need to recruit an additional 217,000 new workers just to meet demand. That’s the forecast of the Construction Skills Network 2021-25, published by CITB this week.

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CTBUH Recognise projects with Jordahl Structural Connections at 2021 Tall + Urban Innovation Conference Awards

J&P Building Systems has recently been informed by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) that three projects featuring structural connections provided by Jordahl have been selected for awards at the 2021 Tall + Urban Innovation Awards Conference.

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