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J & P  offers an extensive range of fixing, lifting, waterproofing and concrete reinforcement products for the construction industry. The company represents the renown brands of JORDAHL, H-BAU, and PFEIFER and innovates solutions that meet today's modern construction requirements. Together, the JORDAHL, H-BAU, and PFEIFER brands have over 600 years of international experience in the development of both reliable and high functioning products that cover the needs of many sectors of the construction industry.

Alongside our range of products, we also have an experienced team providing design guidance, technical support, sales and pricing assistance – to ensure that our customers are supplied the most suitable value-engineered products and solutions for their projects. We have developed a reputation for our ability to provide fast, innovative, and bespoke solutions for difficult engineering or installation conditions on specific projects. Solutions are supported by quality controlled local fabrication, comprehensive product data, engineering calculations, and downloadable design software.

Along with engineering competence and innovation, both quality and safety are at the heart of what the company and our products stand for. All company activities are controlled and audited by an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. A high number of products are covered by UK Technical Assessments, UKCA, European Technical Assessments, or the European Machinery Directive.

Examples of typical applications for our products and expertise are listed below, but we have a breadth of experience that encompasses much more:

  • Façade connection technology
  • Structural connection technology
  • Thermally insulated connection technology
  • Precast concrete connection technology
  • Infrastructure and tunnel connection technology
  • Precast lifting and handling technology
  • Precast column and beam connections
  • Precast floor and stair bearing technology
  • Structural concrete sealing technology
  • Structural concrete reinforcement technology
  • Concrete formwork technology

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