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Cast in channels - providing safe and adjustable concrete connections

Cast in channels are likely to be used in most commercial construction projects. JORDAHL® cast in channels are used in conjunction with easy twist-in T bolts that together, provide safe and adjustable concrete connections for the resistance of tension and shear loads.

Cast in channel advantages

  • UK Technical Assessment UKTA-0836-22/6149
  • European Technical Assessment ETA-09/0338
  • Efficient and versatile support of high loads
  • Simple connection adjustment to accommodate building tolerances
  • No drilling of concrete or site welding
  • Faster connections with simple hand tools
  • Connections close to concrete edges are possible
  • Easy to replace or re-position connected components
  • Resistant to fatigue, seismic activities, and explosions (hot rolled)
  • High tightening torques (hot rolled)
  • Approved fire resistance performance

We've recently produced a new brochure containing ourcast in channel range which you can download here.

You can watch our video on cast in channels here:

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